Troll Face Quest Horror Game Play Online

Troll face cult

 Troll Faces are popular all over the world. They are already a cult, because now you don’t have to write long messages to explain your feelings. For instance, instead of writing about your loneliness, you can send ‘forever alone’ face, and everything is quite understandable. If not so many years ago people used to write long messages or letters, now everything is much easier – just send a picture, and you will save your time and time of those, who are reading your message. Troll Faces are among the leaders in this industry, so it is no wonder that games with them as characters, appear very quickly. One of the most intriguing games is Troll Face Quest Horror, and you will know what you will be dealing with from the very name of the game. This sounds funny, doesn’t it?

 Everything about pranks and prankers

 The second important thing, which you have to know about the game, is that you will become a terrible pranker. Do you know who is a pranker? This is a person, who plays tricks over anybody, but those tricks aren’t friendly and polite. Sometimes they may cause shock in people, but this is only to make them laugh in the end. Those pranks may arise whole bunch of emotions, and sometimes the victims of the pranker may even wish to kill him. Oh, that’s really cruel, but what would you say, if you see a terribly dying person, who is crying in agony, and then you will be told that this was only a joke? Being a pranker is a very difficult job, because your friends may hate you. But you can always escape to the virtual world, where you can make fun of anyone, and no one will be hurt, because you are making fun of characters, which don’t exist in reality. Troll faces are here for you to make fun of them, and they are happy you are doing this for them. What can be better for a pranker-beginner?

 What the game is about?

If you like watching various horror movies, then this game is for you. You will meet there various character, with whom you are familiar from the screen. Various movies, video games and TV shows are mentioned there, and if you like this genre, you will easily find all the allusions and recall the names. Those creepy characters are ready to tickle your nerves by the sudden appearance, but you have to ready for everything, the horror game is made to scary you, but you will be surprised to know that this is not the only thing you will be doing there. The game is really hilarious, and you will find numerous funny moments there.

 This quest is not about logics, so you can just forget about it and enjoy the simple game play. All that you have to do is just solving certain puzzles and meet your favorite characters. You don’t need to worry that certain level will be too difficult, because there are hints, which you may use. Ad you may always consult the internet, which is full of solutions for every level. There is only one solution for every level, and you have to try hard to find it. Every level is different from the previous one, and the way you solved the previous level won’t work for the next one. A lot of words could be added, but you should just load the game and start playing, because discovering all peculiarities by yourself is much more interesting than watching them or reading about them.