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Troll Face Quest Horror is the hotly anticipated sequel of the best trolling for your cell phones and this time you’ll be acquainted with some unpleasant revulsions from Spil Games. In this diversion you’ll experience the most renowned executioners, beasts and evil presences from an assortment of films and TV shows. Be that as it may, here you don’t need to flee or escape them. Despite what might be expected, you’ll battle peril by transforming terrifying things into entertaining stuff. Troll those miscreants and get ready precarious traps for the clever rivals!

The diversion is loaded up with references to amazing minutes from motion pictures that you used to watch twitching and jerking from fear. Presently you have an opportunity to play traps on each one of those crazy people, ghosts and monsters and maintain a strategic distance from peril. All you require is to remain alarm and show inventiveness to set up a perfect trap for another trouble maker. You’ll see a colossal stream of frenzy that can’t measure up to some other amusement. Will you have the capacity to deal with it? Play Troll Face Quest Horror and find out!