Troll Face Quest Horror is a wonderful game, which continues growing. Here you see a bit new version, where you will find even more terrifying moments, than you could see in the previous one. Every fan of this game anticipated its update for many days, and finally they have the opportunity to play the game they adore with all their heart. So, if you are ready to join this army of fans or you already are one, you are welcome to participate in it. Now you have a chance not only to see incredible levels, but also a bonus level, which is carefully made for every fan to play.

 The Troll Face Quest Horror game is made in best traditions of the horror game, and you will meet there plenty of references to popular movies, TV shows, games and everything, which may be marked by ‘Horror’ title. The style of the game is very specific, and if you aren’t familiar with troll faces, it’s high time for you to start getting acquainted with them. The main point here is making fun of the popular trends, and you should do it in a very unusual way. The game is full of various puzzles, and you should think for a while to make them work for you, and not against. Every level has a very specific way of solving, and you have to find out which one works for you. You can find plenty of hints, which will help you to complete the level, and you don’t have to think too hard, if something doesn’t work. Or, you can watch tutorials in the Internet, which show how to complete every level. But that’s for lazy gamers, don’t you think so?

 Every chapter has a specific solution, and you shouldn’t think that what worked for one level will fit the next one. It’s not true, so you have to think over and over again, trying not to crack your head by thoughts. The game is very scary, and you may see it from its title, and you will face plenty of scary moments, though they will be at the same time very hilarious. So to say, you should be that afraid, because developers don’t want to scare their clients to death. Use your imagination, because this is the only thing you might need in the game. But whenever you find the right tactics, it would be impossible to drag you from the screen, because this game will attract you more and more, and you will definitely want to try all possible games of the series.