If you appreciate black humor, you will be definitely thrilled with the new game Troll Face Quest Horror with hack. This is yet another episode of the popular quest for those who are familiar with this meme – and who isn’t? This time the action is packed into a box of horrors. You’ll meet characters from your favorite horror movies and think back to all those spooky stories you heard as a kid. Serial killers, maniacs, ghosts and monsters are lurking out there, ready to creep you out in a series of challenging and fun tasks. Plenty of references to movies, TV series and computer games make the gameplay amazingly thrilling.

Of course, the tasks are not that scary, they are performed in cartoon format. But the effect of suspense can make you jump up in your chair many times while passing the game. The animation is also very high-quality and the sound effects will contribute to the general atmosphere of horror adventure. This fascinating mix of horror elements and black humor will keep you glued to the screen of your PC or mobile phone. You will have to unravel a multitude of puzzles following tricky clues step by step and showing your logic together with nerves of steel.

The point of the game is to troll your enemies setting up funny traps for them and finding a way out of the most intricate situations. Black humor will help you survive even against the most dangerous enemies and outsmart even the most cunning villains from the movies you saw many years ago. Just don’t lose your head and keep yourself together. Troll Face Quest Horror is ready to challenge you! Plunge into the creepy adventure and see if you can step up against the legendary maniacs and supernatural beings from the TV screen!