Troll Face Quest Horror is a new release of the popular game series that conquered millions of gamers thanks to the cool mix of gaming mechanics combining elements of clicker, arcade and quest. Despite the fact that there is already a good deal of similar games for smartphones, this project stands out by its unusual gameplay, cute hand drawn graphics and black humor. The game consists of various tasks and missions where you’ll get to meet famous horror movie heroes in a variety of funny situations. Don’t worry, they won’t necessarily add you to their list of victims. If you think a bit, you’ll find a way to get out alive and play a joke on your enemy. But it won’t be simple either. You’ll need to pull together all your logic and of course trolling skills to accomplish the puzzles successfully. If you do that, a scary scene will turn into a funny one and you’ll avoid a grim fate. The tasks are multiple and they grow in difficulty. However, because the game is cut into separate episodes, you can play it in a convenient mode spending just the amount of time you can afford and not getting stuck at the screen just because you need to speed through another level and can’t drop it this very minute. Play Troll Face Quest Horror five minutes a day or for many hours on your smartphone and take the challenge from the world’s most famous killers and monsters!