Troll Face Quest 2019

Horror movies and games have been highly popular for years. It’s no surprise so many people like them. A shot of adrenaline, scary story tickling the nerves and a load of intense emotions are what makes this genre so vital. If you, too, enjoy being creeped out, welcome to a new version of your favorite Troll Face Quest where black humor goes hand in hand with famous horror scenes from the films you may have watched decades ago! You’ll get to interact with all those serial killers and supernatural creatures finding a cunning way to lure them into a trap instead of getting trapped yourself. The game is a series of puzzles where you have to find a way of turning a spooky situation in your favor using your logic and ingenuity. The level of complexity will keep growing and there is no universal solution you can use for each puzzle. Every time you’ll have to think of something new and that’s part of what makes the game so thrilling. And of course it is packed with black humor characteristic of the entire series. Some of the scenes might seem too bloody, but given the cute cartoon animation and overall atmosphere of fun you will hardly be scared of them too much! Find out whether you can outsmart the smartest maniacs and the most dangerous monsters in Troll Face Quest Horror!