Troll Face Quest Horror v 1.0.1

Spil Games can be surely called one of the most interesting and creative Android game makers that can take a simple idea and turn it into something crazy. This is just what Troll Face Quest Horror is like. Aside from lifting up your mood this amazing game will also test your ability to think outside the box and take non-standard decisions. Just like all other games of the series, this one challenges you to model a suggested situation in a way that will allow the main hero to outsmart his opponent. Only this time all situations resemble famous scenes from horror movies and games. You’ll have to set up cunning traps for heroes of famous films and comics turning a potentially dangerous situation into a funny scene. There is a vast number of tricky puzzles for you to unravel. And of course developers just couldn’t leave you without a multitude of clues, references and secrets. But most importantly, the freshly released new part of Troll Face Quest has retained its main feature – black humor and absurdity. So aside from plenty of bloody scenes, get ready for jokes you won’t quite understand. Set off on a crazy adventure in the world of trolling and beat your enemies with ingenuity and a smile on your face!