Troll Face Quest Scary

Troll Face Quest Horror is the long-awaited continuation of the best trolling for your smartphones and this time you’ll be introduced to some creepy horrors from Spil Games. In this game you’ll encounter the most famous killers, monsters and demons from a variety of movies and TV series. However, here you don’t have to run away or hide from them. On the contrary, you’ll fight danger by turning scary things into funny stuff. Troll those villains and prepare tricky traps for the cunning opponents!

The game is filled with references to legendary moments from movies that you used to watch shaking from fear. Now you have a chance to play tricks on all those maniacs and supernatural creatures and avoid danger. All you need is to stay alert and show ingenuity to set up an ideal trap for another bad guy. You’ll see a huge flow of madness that can’t compare to any other game. Will you be able to handle it? There is only one way to check that and it’s playing Troll Face Quest Horror online right now!