Troll Face Quest Horror

Do you like horror games? It would be nice to play games with your favorite character, isn’t it so? a lovely game, which is full of various moments, which are familiar to you from the horror movies you have probably seen, and you will be surprised how funny those characters look like, when they’ve got new strange faces. You will see new trolls, which have already become memes, and you will have fun, watching how they will try to cope with difficult life situations. And of course, you have to know that this game has a lot of challenges for them.

 Troll Face Quest Horror is a new game about trolls, and if you are familiar with the Troll Face games, then you know that a lot of hilarious and sometimes ridiculous situations are waiting for you in the games of this genre. The developers know what their clients want to see, so here you will find a nice compilation of various horror movies, which have already become a real classic, and all the best scenes from them are present in this Troll Face game. But you will have even more, not only movies, but also TV shows and other games, which can be mentioned in our game, and your task is to find every reference and see whether you are aware of all of them.

 The graphics in the game is very peculiar, and you will like the cartoonish style, which is truly unforgettable in its freaky style. It will definitely be weird, but you will like its unique style, which isn’t familiar to anything else. You will be also taken aback by the stunning animations, and all the trolls, whom you are familiar with, will be playing a tricky game with you. You are in search of horror adventures, and this quest won’t definitely lead you to a success. We mean that of course, your main goal is to win, but this task wouldn’t be that easy to complete. The game contains several levels, and each of them is more terrifying than the previous one.

 Are you ready to face the terrible world, where everyone wants to hurt you? The world, which is full of hilarious monsters, and you can fight with them or let your character die – no matter what you choose, you will see that it is total fun. The game wouldn’t be a total surprise for you, if you have seen certain movies of this genre, because you will be familiar with the characters and their unique peculiarities. And though the game isn’t too big and some gamers say that it ends too quickly, it is full of exciting moments, and you will love it from the very first second, up to the very last moment in it.